2014 Rib Master Lineup!

A fierce competition that is soooo delicious to the public! "Rib Off's" are as much about the personalities that create the food as they are about the food itself. This is a team competition led by the Rib Master who oversees a seasoned crew. It is the uniqueness of each team's technique that makes it all so delicious to the public.

Rib Master: Dennis Carrino

The Crew: The smoky-sweet scent of  barbeque signals the presence of this tight  knit group of cook off contenders and 2012  1st Place-Best Rib 2012 and 2011 People’s  Choice Award winners!

Hometown: Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Specialty of the House: Tender, juicy, meaty ribs and world famous pulled pork!


Rib Master: Ron Conaway

The Crew: 
With a spirit as big as Texas itself, these Triple Grand Champions are a nucleus of seasoned veterans that just can't get the sauce and spice out of their veins. 2012 Best Sauce Award winners! 

Willis, Texas  

Specialty of the House: 
Tender beef brisket and lip smackin, tounge teasin’, belly rubbin’, bone lickin good ribs! 


Rib Master: Brian & Kelley Wemett

The Crew: These modern barbeque experts bring their competitive spirit right from the backyard of Rochester, NY! Their mouthwatering unique creations have led them to 1st Place Best Ribs in 2013. 

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Specialty of the House:  Moink Balls (bacon wrapped meatballs smoked and tossed in Good Smoke's Original BBQ

Rib Master: Matt Smith

The Crew: At the heart of this crew is the Smith family led by Matt's wife Louise and children Kurt, Nick, Aaron and Alexis earned 1st Place Best Ribs in 2009! 

Hometown: Ontario, Canada  

Specialty of the House:
 Exceptionally tender and meaty ribs and "family" baked beans! 

Rib Masters: Brett Trsinar, Todd Lewis

The Crew: Energetic, fun, and ready to  serve you the best - national award winning  ribs and sauces you can taste!

Hometown: Long Grove, Illinois

Specialty of The House: Mouthwatering  Kansas City style ribs and tasty mac and cheese.

Rib Masters: Dan Johnson

The Crew: A competitive bunch, these are newcomers to this year's Big Rib and they are fired up to take home all the awards

Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia

Specialty of The House: Home of the Thermonuclear Sauce, Johnson's BBQ is known, not only for their sauces, but their rubs and smoking techniques. Their secret to the amazing flavor is the tender combination of first class rubs and hickory wood which permeates the meat in a special way. 



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