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Throughout its 43 year history, the Park Ave Summer Art Fest has proudly showcased the area’s established and rising star entertainers.


Each year we pride ourselves and our community in assembling a broad range of talented performers to entertain and connect with new audiences.

We welcome you to apply to be a part of the 2019 Park Ave Summer Art Festival.

Entertainment Application
Deadline: March 1, 2019
Please fill out the following form completely.

Dates you are available:
Saturday 8/3Sunday 8/4

Name of Group/Artist

Contact Name


Phone Number

Your Email

Your Social Media


Genre of entertainment

Number of Microphones

Number of Chairs

Sound Reinforcement will be provided by the festival.

  • You are expected to arrive no later than one hour before your scheduled performance time. We realize there will always be delays in a festival situation, but we seek to keep the stages active and on time as much as humanly possible. Use the time you have to assemble individual performance rigs (i.e. drum kits, keyboard stands, effect boards, etc) and inform the festival sound person of any special needs you have for your performance.
  • You are responsible for the equipment you bring. There are a lot of people at these festivals. Do not leave your instruments or support equipment unguarded.
  • Be mindful of the volume of your performance. Park Ave Fest is a family-friendly, arts-oriented festival with many people in attendance. If your performance is too loud, our sound engineers, as well as any representitive of the Springut Group, has the authority to turn the volume down.
  • Confirmations will be sent out June 1st, 2019

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE asking about the status of your submission. If you or your artist is selected we will make contact. Thank you for your interest!

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