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Throughout its 41 year history, the Park Ave Summer Art Fest has proudly showcased the area’s established and rising star entertainers.


Each year we pride ourselves and our community in assembling a broad range of talented performers to entertain and connect with new audiences.

We welcome you to apply to be a part of The Park Ave Summer Art Festival.

Entertainment Application
Deadline: March 1, 2018
Please fill out the following form completely.

Dates you are available:
Saturday 8/4Sunday 8/5

Name of Group/Artist

Contact Name


Phone Number

Your Email

Your Social Media


Genre of entertainment

Number of Microphones

Number of Chairs

Sound Reinforcement will be provided by festival.

  • Parking is at a premium at the festival. We have done our best to provide enough spaces for the act performing, the act tearing down and the act setting up. Bearing this in mind, we ask that you reduce the number of vehicles you use to transport all the members of your act. Please be careful that you don’t park in restricted areas. Beware: parking tickets are quite common on public streets. Read the signs carefully.
  • You are expected to arrive no later than one hour before your scheduled performance time. We realize there will always be delays in a festival situation, but we seek to keep the stages active and on time as much as humanly possible. Use the time you have to assemble individual performance rigs (i.e. drum kits, keyboard stands, effect boards, etc) and inform festival sound person of any special needs you have for your performance.
  • Please include a copy of the stage layout to help direct a quick and smooth set-up.
  • You must provide two CD copies of any music that you need to have playing during your performance.
  • Remember volume is always an issue at the Park Ave Summer Arts Festival. You must also bring all connecting cords for your rig. The sound company will have all the microphones, microphone stands and D.I. (direct input) boxes you need. Do not expect the sound person to supply you with basics. Be prepared.
  • The sound engineers have been instructed to monitor volume levels and have the authority to reduce your volume, as does a representative of the festival, which shall include the following: all principals of the Springut Group, their employees and volunteers working for the festival. We expect you to be respectful of the artists that are near your stage. Failure to do so will result in termination of your performance and seriously reduce your chances of returning to any of the festivals the Springut Group produces.
  • You are responsible for the equipment you bring. There are a lot of people at these festivals. Do not leave your instruments or support equipment unguarded.
  • Have fun, and let the audience know you are having a good time. The object of having music at the festival is to enhance the festival experience; to uplift the spirit, to promote a positive attitude and encourage a safe, comfortable and peaceful ambience. You will be chosen because we believe you will be a welcome addition to the entire festival. Thanks for your time, cooperation and understanding.
  • Confirmations will be sent out June 1st, 2017

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE asking about the status of your submission. If you or your artist is selected we will make contact. Thank you for your interest!

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